Recently, Singapore has become one of the most secured and safest places in the world for purchasing and securing the precious metals like Gold and Silver. UOB Gold and Silver both are very highly valuable asset not from a business point of view, but from the traditional and cultural point of view also. Singapore provides the various and most powerful asset protection tools for securing you valuable assets, and you will be provided full assurance against your assets and also if anything bad happens to your assets then you can also claim. It is not a coincidence that why so many wealthy and rich persons come to Singapore to storing their precious assets mostly their Gold Bullion. There is no doubt that why Singapore is the #1 place for buying and storing gold bullion. Let’s look some more aspects in details that what makes Singapore the best place for buying and keeping the Gold Bullion.

Well established connection with the region and with the Rest of the World

Another thing about Singapore that makes it the best place for buying and storing Gold bullion is its location. Singapore’s got a quality geographic location, that allows it to access anywhere in the world virtually, an talking about transportation there are high numbers of flights and that to are direct flights to and from various countries of the world, and they are highly affordable also so it is a plus point for the individuals who needs to travel on a regular basis for the purpose of dealing in the Gold bullion, it is beneficial for operation of their business successfully.

One of the Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates

Crime rate has gone very high if we talk about and that too on multiple level. There was a time when the crime rate was very low in the world and every person residing on the earth can do their activity safely, they use to travel without worry as compared to now. Nowadays an individual needs to make sure before travelling to a business purpose whether the place is safe or not. So in the world invaded by so much criminal activities it feels secured to know that there is a country where one can a business without worrying any. Trust and Tech are the base on which the most of he financial operations takes place.

Taxation Structure Designed to Persuade Investment of Gold

Government of Singapore has done good efforts to make Singapore the best Asian Hub for the purchasing of the Gold and also the Hub for storing it, that’s why the Government of Singapore has passed a certain set of rules and regulations at will help and allow the foreign as well as the wealth building citizens of Singapore to buy an store Gold Bullion in the country. Moreover the Gold, Silver and Platinum can be sold or even imported without the implementation of Goods and Service Tax i.e. tax free. One more thing is that in Singapore it is not necessary to get the license for the Importation and the Exportation of the precious metals
like the Gold and Silver which also allows the free flow of Importing Investment Precious Metals aka IPMs through the country.

First-Class physical Infrastructure to make the Demand of Gold Bullion Meet

Demand for trading and storage facilities of the Gold Bullion was on fire so the Government of Singapore had to do something the make the demand of gold bullion meet, so certain steps were taken by the government of the Singapore for making the demand meet. One of the most remarkable gold refineries and gold bullion manufacturers in the world Metalor came into existence and making the rank of Singapore as the Best precious metal trader. Moreover, Singapore also provides world’s biggest and splendid vaults such as The Safe House by Silver Bullion, Swiss Freeport and more, among them Singapore Freeport is the best option to choose from, it is also directly accessible from the runway of Changi International Airport of Singapore and is a secure way to get the access.

Financial Technological Companies of Singapore are most Innovative

Singapore has always been famous in the technology, that is the core on which Singapore has made a remarkable mark. Trust and Tech is the base of the development of the various kinds of financial services in the Country. Also the Monetary Authority of Singapore persuades the innovation by conducting the MAS Fintech Awards annually. Champions of MAS Fintech Awards are generally the companies who surpasses other companies in financial technologies including the trading of the gold bullion. Right now Silver Bullion is recognized as the leader in this field. Silver Bullion has developed a peer to peer lending platform where the individuals can use their Gold bullion as the collateral security and through it, the loan given by the lender gets secured by a very high percentage unlike the other platforms lets the capital of lenders back in case the value of collateral security falls to a certain percent.

Best Place with most Secured Facilities for Storing Gold Bullion

What is the main concern for the businessmen? Of course securing his assets in the best possible way so they remain secure always. Singapore provides the Best and most secure facilities for storing the gold bullion. One of the most secured vaults in the world The Safe House by Silver Bullion lets you track your bullion in case if you have doubt about anything regarding the security that is being provided for your asset. The Government of Singapore has also state that the clients of The Safe House are free to exercise their rights to the sole legal ownership of their bullion. Clients have also a facility to audit or withdrawal of their asset only if they are the legal title owners of their bullion.

UOB Gold Prices (Singapore)

Rates as at 18 November 2021
ARGOR CAST BAR100 GM82278116
GOLD SAVINGS A/C1 GM81.7981.19
PAMP GOLD BARS100 GM82728117
PAMP GOLD BARS1/2 OZ13201260
Published On: August 17th, 2018

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