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EasyFind is a trusted premium local business listing in Singapore with a prime focus on finance. We provide a smarter way to find the best financial products such as personal loans, business loans, payday loans, wedding loans, renovation loans, debt consolidation loans, insurances, and credit cards to help come up with smarter decisions in life.

We’re also making it easier, safer, and faster to find the best match of loan offers with our reliable loan matching system. No risk and no obligations.

As we provide help in making smarter decisions, we also give you 100% free access to a variety of resources.

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For Users

EasyFind makes it easier for you to have easy access to the best financial products in the market. We offer a 100% free system that can help you find the best financial offers in the market. Also, we have an unbiased list of financial products and the latest guides that can help you create a smarter financial decision. We are confident that you will be served according to your request. We’ve got a web interface that is simplified and suited for wise users like you.

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For Business Owners

EasyFind addresses the needs of numerous customers in search of premium quality products and services in Singapore. Hence, we do our best to provide our customers with the finest and most reliable solutions to their needs. We realise the high volumes of individuals who are in constant search for the right products and services that will meet their expectations. Thus, EasyFind can help your business open to a stream of new and loyal customers! As we feature your company, we make it much easier for you to obtain your target audience that can keep your business going. All you need to do is to get listed with EasyFind. Give yourself an edge above your competitors and begin working with more people the smarter way. It’s also our passion to support local businesses. Submit Your Listing Now!

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By choosing EasyFind, you can expect the following benefits:

smarter way to search

A hassle-free and smarter way to search!

With EasyFind searching for top quality products and services is easier. No more lengthy searching process.  You don’t have to worry of finding for the best products and services over numerous sources. We will provide a reliable list just for you. When you visit our site and begin your search, you can be sure that we only provide accurate and up-to-date information about Singapore’s top quality products and services.

Find reliable companies in Singapore

Each business being listed undergo in a verification process. We make sure that all companies have valid license, so you can be confident that about the legal standing and operations. We only provide genuine companies offering premium quality products and services. We aim to protect your best interest.

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Easily compare products and services features

With EasyFind comprehensive listing, you can easily compare the products or services features. We feature the vital data that you need for a smart decision making process. After all, our goal is to provide you a smarter way to find for premium products and services.

Achieve peace of mind that your personal details remain private

We understand how important it is to protect your personal information, particularly when you are divulging details about yourself on the internet. Rest assured that once you enter your vital personal information in our website, these details remain well-protected from other individuals. That is our way of earnestly showing our concern for our clients who only need to search for the right lenders who can help them.

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smart tips and guides

Obtain smart tips and guides for your lifestyle needs

We recognise that there are instances that you need some help. We at EasyFind features smart tips and practical guides that can help you in achieving decision in your life.  We have specific pages that provide essential guides and tips. You can also browse our blog for helpful topics.

Comprehensive information for free.

EasyFind features comprehensive information for every listing that we have.  Essential details are added to help you find the best products or services that will suit your needs. You can exploit this information for free. Our goal is to help you become a smart finder and shopper.

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